5 Simple & Delicious Alkaline Recipes

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It is essential for us to consume large amounts of alkalizing foods. These foods help keep the ph level of the body balanced and so the body stays disease free. The general idea is to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables as opposed to meats and oils. Here are 5 simple alkaline recipes to take note of. They are simple and nutritious.

The first of the various alkaline and beneficial recipes that we shall discuss is gluten free pumpkin bread. Take a small pumpkin and bake it whole in the oven till it is completely soft. Cool, peel and mash the pumpkin and add it to 300 gm of gluten free flour, 2 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp Italian seasoning. Knead adding a little water if necessary. Make small cakes and bake for half an hour. This recipe will do wonders for your health. Moreover it tastes good too.

The list of recipes that are alkaline continues and now we have a great one which doubles as a liver cleanser. Take two large grape fruits and 4 lemons. Squeeze their juice. Add water, some garlic and ginger grated juice, two tablespoons of UDO’s choice and one of acidophilus. Mix and have as a refreshing drink. This is one of the simplest of the alkaline recipes and is great to have after a good work out.

The list of alkaline recipes continues with a lovely alkaline vegetable broth. Take two carrots, two celery tops, two beetroots, two cups water, three cups celery stock, one zucchini and 2 cups of peeled red potatoes. Wash thoroughly and boil and then simmer for about half an hour. The best of these recipes is ready to consume right after straining it.

The miso soup is an ideal way to have miso, which is a highly alkalizing food. Alkaline recipes are all healthy and low of fat. So having them means you kill two birds with one stone. Not only does one shed those unwanted pounds but also gain good health. Take 2 tsp of Miso and add it to some water. Bring to a boil adding iodine sea salt to taste. This one of the alkaline recipes is ideal for a cold winter day.

Another great pick from the basket of alkaline recipes is the green salad. Take a few salad leaves, some chopped cabbage, a small chopped onion and a large tomatoes. Mix all the vegetables adding a bit of vinegar for taste and throwing in some oregano and some tofu or boiled chicken breast pieces. Of all the alkaline recipes this one is definitely my favorite. Not only is it a nice tasting filling meal but also keeps my energy level high though the day.

There are many alkaline recipes to be found in various books and on the net. Just take your pick of a few and incorporate them in your diet plan. You will see the wonders it does for your health and your skin and hair shall have a shining glow on them.


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