Angola Tourism – A Closer Look at Namib

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If you are looking to visit Africa for your vacation this year then there are a few places that you will for sure want to visit. The richness of Angola as well as the beauty it has to offer has so many tourist attractions for visitors and the fact that it is so close to Namib and the beautiful landscapes that this country boasts means that is a must see for anyone wanting Angola pictures of Namib desert pictures.

The Namib Desert is one that runs through both Namibia and Angola and creates the beautiful tourism attraction that is Namib-Naukluft National Park which thousands of tourists visit on a yearly basis. As well as being the biggest game reserve in the whole of Africa, this desert is also considered to be oldest with the name itself meaning “vast place” to give you some idea of what you can expect. The photos of the Namib desert really doesn’t do the reserve itself justice – it is not something that you can appreciate from Google pictures alone, it really does have to be seen to be believed especially when you take into consideration that this place on earth has had to ensure arid conditions that the world has pushed upon it for almost 55 million years! Now I’m sure you can understand why it is considered to be the oldest desert on earth!

Taking a look at some of the Namib Desert pictures, you can see why it is a place that people love to visit for photography purposes as well as travel reasons. Red sand forming great dunes have created many a photo hung on a wall and the Moon Valley really is a breath taking sight. Covering over 31 thousand square miles, the sights that can be seen and the history that it envelopes has meant that not only have photography enthusiasts chosen this as a great spot but also geologists especially when you consider that the richness of Angola incorporates great minerals in its land as well as a huge reserve of oil and diamonds. The Namib desert itself is home to also diamonds but also to salt and tungsten too which means if you are looking for some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world, Angola and Namib are two of the best places to visit!

One thing that you will notice about Angola nature and the Namib desert is the sheer amount of odd looking wildlife from stunning plants and flora to safari style animals – something that has many tourists flocking to this part of the world. Despite the fact that part of the huge national park is still inaccessible to humans, there is still a great amount that can be seen making both Angola and the Namib desert a must see place in the world.


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