Argentina: An Overview

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Top experiences (no particular order)

1). Buenos Aires ~ A beautiful, multicultural city. Full of life no matter what time of day it is.

2). Iguazu ~ Crossing the border to Brazil, Iguazu is made up of275 falls along 2.7 kilometers of the Iguazu River. See them up close and personal on the Argentina side, then cross over to Brazil to get the amazing panoramic view.

3). Gaucho ~ Live the life of a traditional Argentinean cowboy

4). Patagonia ~ Gate way to the South Pole. Explore the amazing glaciers; including the worlds highest and Perito Moreno Glacier, which is still advancing and scientist have no idea why.

5). The meat ~ Enjoy the best bar-be-que steak in the world.

6). The Andes ~ Explore the world’s largest mountain range, running from Colombia all the way down to the tip of Argentina and Chile.

7). The wine tours of Mendoza ~ Enjoy sampling hundreds of different wines as you cycle from winery to winery.

Suggested routes

It is always easiest to start from Buenos Aires (BA). There are not that many variations of route unless you are backpacking or have all the time in the world. The most logical to take in the main highlights are below. Obviously they can be done in reverse order as well.

Buenos Aires – Mendoza – Salta – Iguazu.

This route takes in the main highlights in the North of Argentina. Buenos Aires is the capital

2). BA – The Pampas – Mendoza – BA

3). BA – The Pampas – Tierra del Fuego – Mendoza – Iguazu – BA

These routes can all be done within two weeks.

Best National Parks

There are 28 National Parks in Argentina. The two most well known are ~

1). Iguazu National Park ~ Home of the stunning water falls.

2). Tierra del Fuego National Park ~ Home to glaciers and gateway to the South Pole.

City guides

~ Buenos Aires (BA) – A stunning, cosmopolitan city constantly alive with life. The capital, and largest city in Argentina and the second largest in South America behind Sao Paulo.

BA is the ideal starting point for any trip in Argentina, with a fantastic mix of traditional and modern life to ease you in.

~ MendozaA beautiful town which is an ideal crossing point to Santiago (Chile). But the main attractions are the numerous wineries, which can be toured around on bicycle. The main wines produced can of course be tasted.

~ Salta A small town to the North West, still off the main tourist trail. It is an ideal place to relax for a few days. There is a large Bolivian population and their influences can be seen all over Salta. Take a drive in to the ‘outback’ to see the amazing rust coloured rock formations.

~ Ushuaia The Southernmost town in the world and the nearest you can get to the South Pole without leaving drive land. Once a town only for sailors, Ushuaia is a now thriving tourist town. A must for any trip to Argentina. Spectacular scenery, incredible hikes and of course glaciers all around.

~ Iguazu – A small town which now survives from the money tourists bring in, however it does have one of the world’s most spectacular natural features right on its doorstep.


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