Bangalore Paradise City

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According to myth King Veeraballa of Vijayanagara was once lost in the forest. Looking for his companions and came upon a lone hut, where he met an old woman. She offered him shelter and cooked some baked beans for him (‘Benda Kalu’ in Karnataka). The King was so delighted by this modest fare, that he named the place “Benda Kalu Ooru”-place of baked beans………..Bangalore is the anglicized version.

In keeping with its tradition Bangalore has risen from its humble roots to become the IT capital of India. In fact the I.T industry views Bangalore as the ‘byte-basket’ of India.

Bangalore Lore

Capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore is a delicious merger of the traditional and modern. There are old beautiful bungalows, parks, hallowed places of worship and traditional market-places on the one hand, with fashionable shopping malls, pubs, new architectural wonders and modern looking religious centers on the other hand.

Bangalore is known all over the world as the most broadminded and forward-thinking city of India. These attributes have pushed Bangalore to the forefront and it currently ranks as India’s most developed city and one of the world’s fastest growing cities.

Bangalore enjoys a relatively mild climate year round. The relaxing climate has made it a haven for tourists and businessmen. Bangaloreans are highly educated, warm and friendly people by nature. They will go all out to make you feel at home and are always ready to lend a hand.

Bangalore is an ideal place for a holiday or for business. Bangalore is well connected by air, rail and road to all the major cities such as Delhi, Madras, Bombay, and Calcutta etc. There are regular train services from Madras, Mysore, Calcutta, and New Delhi. Bangalore Airport caters to both domestic and international flights.

Bangalore has hotels to suit every one, from 5 Star to semi-luxury and Economy Hotels. Most of these are located around the Sankey Road, Kasturba Road, and MG Road area where restaurants and major shopping and business centers are within easy reach. The Ista hotel located on Swami Vivekananda Road is a great place to relax for tourists and business personnel.

Bangalore City of Nick-names

Bangalore is known by many names-

Pub City: The city Bangalore is a drinker’s paradise with its many pubs and bars; it is also the headquarters of United Breweries, makers of the popular Kingfisher Beer. Wherever you are in Bangalore, a pub is just a stone’s throw away. Whether it is a basic, no-fuss kind of place or a posh meeting place for the elite, you can be sure of excellent beer, service and ambiance.

Garden City: Garden City is the nickname Bangalore proudly claims. With its many gardens and parks and tree lined avenues it is paradise on earth. Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Park, Cariappa Memorial park are a few of the well known parks of Bangalore.

Silicon Valley of India: Bangalore is often said to be the center of the Indian I.T. outsourcing movement. It is home to some of the most high tech industries in India domestic as well as international. There are many reasons for this growth, the pleasant climate, the talent pool of highly trained professionals, the infrastructure and progressive Government policies to name a few.

Business Paradise

Apart from IT, Bangalore is the centre for a host of other businesses as well. It provides an excellent industrial atmosphere.

The easy accessibility of trained technical manpower, research and development facilities provided by a number of Central Government laboratories and research institutions facilitate business opportunities. It also has a Stock Exchange of its own which is considered the number one bourse in South India.

Good weather, transport and communication facilities have combined to make Bangalore a favorite industrial hub.

Bangalore is the perfect place to host conventions and conferences. The Ista hotel Infact is perfectly outfitted to assist the business needs of conventions and conferences.

Tourist Paradise

Bangalore offers the tourists historical sights as well as modern sightseeing pleasures. It is full of old beautiful temples and forts, as well as spectacular malls, discos and pubs.

The Bangalore Palace & Fort , Government Museum, ISKCON temple, The Bull Temple, The Gangadhareshware Temple, Jumma Masjid, Ravindra Kalakshetra, St. Mary’s Church, Ulsoor lake, Vidhana Soudha are the most famous historical sites of Bangalore.

Shopping is a delightful experience in Bangalore. Exquisite silks, handicrafts in sandalwood and rose wood, are specialties of Bangalore. For gold and jewelry, there is the quaint Jeweler’s Street. Some of the favorite shopping haunts are M.G.Road, Brigade Road, Residency Road and Commercial Street.

Bangalore is a city that never sleeps. It has a rocking night life with pubs, bars, discos and restaurants. Go disco-hopping or pub-crawling, shop till you drop, or relax in the swankiest restaurants.

For business or for pleasure Bangalore is the ideal getaway.


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