Basic Ingredients For Indian Cooking

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Making an authentic Indian meal is quite simple and rewarding. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps. It is also important to know the basic ingredients of Indian cooking. It should be remembered that the south, north and west India all have their own favourite ingredients. Such as most South Indian dishes use rice, curry leaves and coconut. North Indian cooking is popular for its paranthas, chappatis, lentils and vegetables. Some of the main ingredients used in Indian cooking are:

Corriander leaves – These leaves are used as a garnish and flavour enhancer to many dishes, especially curries. They are also grounded into a paste together with mint leaves to make the base of fresh relishes.

Ginger – Dishes are mainly cooked with fresh root ginger.

Ghee – This is clarified butter, which can be heated to a high temperature without burning. It is used in most of all Indian cooking. But nowadays because people are more aware of their health, ghee is used on special occasions and vegetable oil, sunflower or even olive oil is used for everyday cooking.

Garlic – This is another ingredient that is widely used mostly in curries, with the onions to make the base of the curry.

Garam Flour – This is chickpea flour which is used in yogurt based curries and as a batter for a lot of snacks such as onion bhajis and pakoras.

Saffron – This is used for its deep auburn colour and sweet flavour. It is used in biryanis.

Yogurt – This is used in a lot of dishes. It is also a cooling contrast to spicy dishes. Some people prefer making their own yogurt rather than buying from shops or supermarkets.


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