Blackbeard’s Cay – Sting Ray Adventures

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As soon as I arrived the noise I had been told of seemed none existent. There had also been talk of a mosquito problem but there didn’t seem to be any more than the usual amount you would find anywhere. When on a holiday I believe that interaction is the key to it being a great experience. Whether its swimming with dolphins or at a petting zoo the success of the holiday is dependent on it.

Sting rays had always been something I wanted to see up close, they way that they flow with the water was always something that has fascinated me so this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. When speaking with Captain Bradley or BoBo as we called him, it was apparent that this wasn’t just a job to him and he loved doing the sting ray adventure, he was very friendly and happy to talk to you in between helping people.

You were given a snorkel and goggles so that you could see the stingrays as they same around you, it was a tad alarming at first as they seemed to move without even a ripple in the water. but as they got closer you could see the slight movements that made them glide across the water. It’s a shame that a lot of species are dying out as they are a fantastic creature.

My main concern was the sting rays had not been de-barbed, however I found that they had been making the whole experience completely safe and family friendly. As I toughed the top of the stingray I expected it to flinch or be uneasy with a random person being around them but that was not the case. They acted calmly, probably use to the amount of new faces that they see every day.

Once I returned from the adventure to the beach I realized something, still no sand fleas! Not a bad thing its just for the warnings I received I still didn’t know what the problem was. I had no bites and I didn’t see anyone with them. Overall this was a great experience, from friendly staff to the beautiful stingrays it was certainly one of the best trips I’ve been on in my life time


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