Buying a House – Should You Buy a House in the Suburbs or in the City?

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Probably one of the first things you’ll ask yourself when buying a house is whether you should buy one in the suburbs or in the city. There’s really no clear cut answer to that. It depends on what you need and prefer, since buying a house is a very personal decision. However, there are many people who prefer to live in the suburbs for a reason.

There are pros and cons to living in the suburbs. Let’s say that you want to buy Murfreesboro real estate. Before you decide to go out to look at Murfreesboro homes for sale, consider the pros and cons of living in a suburb first. Here are a few things to start you off:

1. Affordable houses – Houses at suburbs are cheaper than houses in the city. In fact, the father way from the city you go, the more house you can afford with your money. Let’s say you are looking for houses worth $500,000. That kind of money will bring you a particular kind of house in the city, but if you compare that with the kind of house you can buy with the same money in the suburbs, you’ll probably be able to find a bigger, much nicer house.

2. Cleaner environment – Living in the suburbs mean that you live with less pollution and less smog. There are less people, less industrial structures, less congestion to deal with. The air is fresher, there’s more space to move about. Surroundings are more beautiful and people are less stressed out because of the idyllic environment.

3. Crime rates are lower – Suburban communities are typically safer than in the city. Relatively speaking, it’s safer to live in suburbs than it is to live in cities. It’s not unusual to find suburban neighborhoods where everybody knows everybody else, making it harder for people to commit crimes without other people noticing.

However, there are also downsides to living in a suburban home.

1. Long drive to work – Unless you work in the suburbs too, driving to work would take longer than usual compared to when you live in the city. Unless you’re ready to spend a few hours driving to and from work everyday, you’ll probably be better off living closer to the city.

2. Not too many establishments – Malls, restaurants, bars, clubs don’t usually thrive in suburban communities. Suburban living takes you away from the bustling activities of the city. Some people consider this a downside, some people don’t.

As mentioned earlier, buying a house is a very personal matter. It’s important to weigh your needs against your wants and to find a house that will answer those. It may also be helpful to look at homes for sale online so that you can have an idea what kind of homes you can buy with your budget, as well as do a quick research about the neighborhood you want to live in.

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