Candied Yams – The Reigning King of Soul Food Recipes Side Dishes

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Candied yams has come full circle, especially when it comes to popular soul food recipe side dishes. An always popular side dish for the holidays, it now has expanded in popularity year around. Many have gave this dish various names. For example, candy yams, candied yam, candied sweet potato recipe, yams candied or soul food candied yams to name a few.

Most people enjoy the festive atmosphere candied yam recipes bring to a meal. So, as a result more people are enjoying this tasty side dish during non-holiday months. But still the holidays is when this dish really shines and brings a festive atmosphere to any table. Because of the availability of yams year around now, the popularity continues to grow at a steady pace. In addition, because of this vegetables health benefits, more health conscious consumers are discovering it.

Yams are rich in dietary fiber, beta carotene, vitamin A B and C as well as complex carbohydrates to name a few. In addition, with the increase in diabetes cases, yam recipes provide an excellent alternative. Preliminary studies reveal it helps lower insulin resistance and stabilize sugar levels.

Other added benefits of yams is their high potassium and low sodium levels. As a result they produce what nutritionist call a good potassium-sodium balance in the body. This condition helps to fight osteoporosis and heart disease. Yam recipes generally produce a lower glycemic index that other potato products. This means they will help provide a longer lasting form of energy, and help fight obesity and diabetes.

Yam have also been know to replenish fast twitch fibers, runners use them as a way of recovering after running. It’s no coincidence that some of the best long distance runners on earth come from countries that produce high amounts of yams.

Yam recipes continue to be one of the top 5 comfort foods, particularly during the holidays. Along with turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy, it is tops when it comes to side dishes, according to a recent University of California poll.

In fact, this southern dish has slowly past mash potatoes and gravy as a favorite soul food side dish. The buttery flavors, cinnamon back taste, brown sugar foundation and nutmeg makes for a traditional holiday taste few side dishes can match. In addition the orange color serves to add color, interest and eye appeal to any plate.

After finishing a meal that includes southern style yams, people are always rewarded with that satisfying feeling of comfort and satisfaction. Candied yams stay with you longer than most side dishes. Many call this a stick to your ribs benefit. These are a few of the many top advantages of eating candied yams or candied sweet potatoes. But there’s more for you to enjoy.


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