Chennai Flights: Taste the Historical Elegance With the Vibrancy of Modernism

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History & legend, arts & architectures and beaches & backwaters, Chennai is truly a treasure of South India waiting to be discovered. Facing the Arabian Sea, Chennai boasts scintillating shoreline, awesome range of water sports and romantic sunset and sun-rise view. The city was contrived during the British colonization period, and has some of the finest architectures in South India.

The streets clogged with traffic and oppressively hot & humid weather here are some troublesome features, but this vibrant metropolis always remains close to the hearts of vacationers. The best characteristic of Chennai, at least I found so, is that it’s so modest you wouldn’t even know it’s an economic powerhouse or one of the most vibrant cities in India. Warm friendly people, lucrative modern ambience and heart-touching scenery keep vacationers from far and wide pouring into this India’s fourth-largest city.

Visiting to Chennai, spectacular charm of Marina beach, the second largest beach in the world, is hard to surpass over. A perfect mix of sea, surf and sand here enthralls each and every visitor. The enticing ancient shrines such as Kapileshwara temple, St. Thomas Basilica and St.Thomas Mount are at a short distance from here, offering the visitors a unqie spiritual flavor to savor. Historical attractions in the city are elaborately intertwined with rich traditions & cultures and living style of people through different generations. Take a tour to Fort St George, and you get to uncover the richness of the past this vibrant city has to offer. Similarly, the Clive House stands unique as a real testimonial to the British legacy.

Fun and amusement never end in Chennai. Lively markets packed by shinning shopping malls as well as street hawkers, first-class restaurants and a range of nightlife options – Chennai is full of vigor and vibrancy. Apart from that, there are amusement centers, sports complexes, museums and art galleries, which keep active travelers busy all the day. VGP Golden Beach, Dash ‘N’ Splash and MGR Film City are must-visit attractions for fun-loving travelers.

As stated earlier, Chennai boasts hot and humid weather. However, refreshing environment close to the beaches and eye-appealing greenery all around make Chennai tour a healing retreat for vacationers. Coolest months, from October to March, are the best time to visit here. Along with reasonable weather, you get to explore enchanting festivity and various travel amenities during this period.

When in Chennai, you don’ have dearth of lodging facilities to choose from, in all categories. From five-star luxury resort to economical guest house, the city has a complete range of accommodations to suit every budget and lifestyle. Being an important city and a major tourism center, Chennai has a smooth connectivity with all major cities in India. Several airline companies provide Chennai flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and other major airports in India and abroad. Delhi to Chennai flights remain in high-demand always, and can be booked online conveniently.


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