Cuppa – Bangalore Coffee Chain Comes to Delhi

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Once upon a time you could hang out at South Extension but that was almost a decade ago. If you stray into South Extension and happen to look for a place to sip a beverage then do swing by Cuppa, the latest addition on the market’s landscape.

Cuppa brewed almost three months ago in Delhi but is a well known chain in Bangalore and has a pretty respectable selection of coffees and teas besides light bites. You’d be pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of international coffees like Costa Rican, Colombian and Ethiopian or teas from Sri Lanka and South Africa but do check on the availability status for many things that are mentioned on the menu don’t seem to exist.

Blessed by a design that allows the entire place to be naturally lit, Cuppa’s second floor location offers a fairly lovely view of the trees of the park that adorns South Extension Part 2. The passable seating suddenly becomes more comfortable as soon as you notice the ‘Wi-Fi Enabled’ sign, a feature that is currently free.

Yet there is something about Cuppa that seems out of place. Could be the harried waiters who move around like wounded zebras trying to hide from the hungry lion? This could be due to the unavailability of a million things that the Cuppa menu offers. What else do you expect from them… imagine saying sorry every time someone asks for an Apple Pie or a Vada Pav that’s mentioned on the menu?

The hassled waiters and the limited options notwithstanding the food, surprisingly is better than expectations. The Chilly Chicken Sandwich (Rs. 90) has copious amount of grilled chilly chicken that only gets better with a dash of the exceptionally potent mustard that accompanies it.

Cuppa coffee’s house blend comes from Bangalore and is remarkably full-bodied. For less than Rs. 65 a double shot of house espresso seems to be a better choice than the international blends that are priced at Rs. 90 and more.

The tea section includes specialties like Malaysian Teh Tarik (less than Rs. 85) or the pulled tea, which is traditionally served hot but Cuppa serves it cold! Moroccan Mint tea (less than Rs. 70) and their version of the famous Mumbai Cutting (less than Rs. 70), definitely deserve a thumbs-up.

The green teas are priced at Rs. 70 onwards, while the coffees start at a very reasonable Rs. 65 & upwards. The menu also includes hot chocolate and milk shakes. The food menu has sandwiches, burgers, pizzas as well as classic Indian snacks like samosas.

South Extension’s landscape has changed over the years but the number of deal breakers for this market wins hands down. Unless you are a regular at South Extension, the only way you’d discover Cuppa is accidentally.

The chain intends to expand across the NCR in the next few months and you never know a shot of heaven would be available just across the street from you but until that happens there’s a fairly decent reason to visit South Extension.

Cuppa, South Extension Part 2, New Delhi


Source by Gautam Chintamani

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