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Sometimes I am truly amazed at the people out there in “Food Truckland!” Seriously, the whole community, culture, and of course the food, is an awesome thing to behold. The more I get into, the more I find myself being drawn toward it. Not only as a dude that gets excited by things like: bacon wrapped hot dogs, carnitas fries, grilled cheese sandwiches on steroids, great pizza, hand cut fresh french fries- but I’m drawn to the closeness of the community and the way they seemingly support each other at every turn… Perhaps I will start my own truck someday just to be a part of it!

Last Tuesday, I took a break from the normal routine and took my girl down to the OC DinDin A-Go-Go event in Los Alamitos. This is a small gathering of trucks that goes on every Tuesday night from 5:30 to 9pm at the My Gear Store Retail Store located at 11081 Winners Circle, Los Alamitos (in case you are wondering, it is south of Katella). Each week you get a different line up so it is always exciting, and the food that these folks are puttin’ out still amazes and delights. I’ll get to the food in a minute!

For now I’m gonna talk about the community and culture…

If you are on or get on Twitter and/ Facebook, you will find a ton, and I mean TON of pages, tweets, articles, websites, and just about any other bits of information imaginable on and about food trucks. I mean it’s crazy how much info there is! Behind all of that are the people that make it happen. From the people making and bringing the wonderful, creative food to all of us, to the bloggers and writers creating the buzz in the social networking sites and their blogs (I write about it as if I’m not part of it, funny). To me there are two people out there that really have their entire souls on the pulse of the whole thing: Saturday Night Foodies (saturdaynightfoodies.com) and The Food Trucker (thefoodtrucker.com), they are so far in front of the game, it’s incredible. Head on over to their blogs and you’ll get a taste of what I’m talking about. They’re not the only ones getting in on the act. The food trucks themselves are continuously tweeting back and forth with each other, what they’re making that day, location, etc. It just is a group of people that seem like they are just having a blast with life and how they are making a living. I’m sure I will be writing more about the community in the future.

Now the food from Tuesday…

The trucks that were there this past Tuesaday were: The Vizzi Truck, Lomo Arigato, The Lime Truck, Tropical Shave Ice, Louks ToGo and Lee’s Philly. What a treat as these were all trucks that I’ve yet to have the pleasure of sampling. As I have stated before, the food was nothing short of awesome. We didn’t get to each truck but the four that we dined at all brought something completely different to the table. For me it was a toss up between The Vizzi Truck and their Lamb Osso Bucco Taco, and Lomo Arigato with the Tallarin Saltado wok’d up right there inside the truck. The taco from Vizzi was possibly one of the best tacos I’ve ever had.It had layer upon layer of flavor that you can only get with braised meats. The addition of the parsnip puree and little bit of lime were the contributing factor for putting this dish over the top for me. The Tallarin Saltado is an Asian twist on a Peruvian dish.The beef was tender and flavorful and the tomatoes, onions and peppers were all still crispy with that little bit of charred flavor from the wok. But there was this sauce that they served on the side that, when it met the heat from the pasta, had this beautiful garlicky flavor that complimented the whole thing. We had the Carnitas Fries with homemade guac, and a wonderful slaw with a chipotle-honey mayo dressing that was just the right amount of heat and smokey flavor. From Louks, since it was our virgin voyage, we tried the Falafel Gyro which was outstanding, too. The falafel itself was super light and tender and all of the flavors popped with freshness it was great.

One of the things that I noticed too was the emphasis on organics and natural products. Actually, I remembered reading on the menu board from The Lime Truck that they use all organic produce. I think it’s probably safe to say that not everyone is doing that, but one thing is for sure about all of these trucks… FRESHNESS! You could taste it coming through in what they were doing. There really is no substitute for using good quality, fresh ingredients. I don’t care what anybody says!

With that I’ll sign off for now and thank all of the bloggers, writers, truckers and chefs out there with vision… Thank you for another great food experience!


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