Ditch the Kibble – The Rise of Dog Food Recipes

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Why are so many dog owners turning to dog food recipes instead of sticking with the convenience of commercial pet food? Many have trusted the industry all their lives, but are now learning that the nutritional value of the ingredients are sub-standard. The over-processed ingredients in the store brands greatly lessens it. Furthermore, as we have seen in the news, they may even be using unhealthy, harmful ingredients and chemicals. You are about to learn why dog food recipes are a healthy alternate source for your dog’s nutrition and why their popularity has risen in recent years.

Good dog food recipes contain healthy, wholesome, and sometimes organic ingredients without additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, fats, or sweeteners. You’re in control by choosing the recipes that have the healthy ingredients that you are looking for. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see all the great, nutritious meals you can prepare for your dog in your own kitchen.

Besides all the health advantages of feeding your dog homemade meals, the number one benefit is how good you will feel knowing that you are giving your dog the best nutrition which will increase his quality of life and longevity.

And wait until you see all the great ingredients you have to choose from. Ingredients such as lean meats, grains, and vegetables. These are all very healthy and there is no guess work involved. Because you are following dog food recipes, you will always know every ingredient that goes into your dog’s meals. This knowledge and control will give you peace of mind.

However, not all recipes you find out there will be good for your dog, so be sure to learn what foods can be dangerous for him. Most people foods are safe for our dogs, but it isn’t true of all foods. Some can be fatal, so be sure to do your research. Once you find the right dog food recipes and begin making your dogs meals, you will notice that he looks healthier and has a lot more energy. When you see these positive results, it will make the switch to homemade dog food worthwhile.

Dog owners are becoming wise to these facts and are switching to homemade meals for their dogs in increasing numbers. If the pet food industry doesn’t clean up their act, the number of people making the switch to dog food recipes will continue to increase, but that may be the best thing for our dogs.


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