Dog Food Recipes – Healthy Organic and Nutritious Dog Food to Reduce the Risk of Disease in Your Dog

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Do you remember the olden days when we fed our dogs table scraps? Nowadays most people believe it is a bad thing to feed your dog food from the table. Many now believe that this idea was originally encouraged by the makers of commercial dog food, as a way to sell more of their canned and dried pet food.

Lately, especially after the pet food scare of early 2008, when hundreds of cats and dogs died after eating pet food tainted with poison, more and more people have returned to feeding their dogs more foods eaten by humans.


If your dog has special dietary needs, such as being diabetic or obese, the commercial dog foods simply do not offer good choices that are healthy and nutritious and meet the needs of your dog. They tend to be filled with ingredients that are not healthy at all, and also have many preservatives to extend their shelf life. We do not know for sure where the ingredients have come from because the government does not regulate packaged and canned pet food as it does food for human consumption. This alone is a powerful reason to stay away from commercial dog food.


I have been feeding my dogs homemade food for four months now. My dachshund is diabetic, so I was searching for a way to give him a diet higher in fiber and protein. I have now come to the conclusion that it is best to prepare his food myself. I also have three other dogs, a Maltese and two Yorkshire terriers, and they were beginning to put on weight and had become very hyperactive. After eating my homemade food for the past few months their behavior has changed, their weight has stabilized, and my dachshund has not had to have an increase in his daily insulin dosage. I am also saving money at the same time.


I prepare chicken by boiling or baking it, and then combine yams or sweet potatoes. These vegetables have a low glycemic index and are particularly good for diabetes. I also prepare lentil soup each week, and add this to the food as well. Finally, I prepare long grain brown rice, and my homemade food is complete. I only do this once a week, so it is not like I have to prepare my dog food every day. I encourage you to learn more about preparing healthy and nutritious food for your dog, to reduce the risk of disease and help to extend their lifespan.


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