Easy Recipes For Fire Pits

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Since the dawn of man, fire pits have been used to cook up a warm meal. Nowadays, even though they’re mainly employed by campers on vacation, these prehistoric stoves can still provide high-quality meals. For trying it out for the first time, there are a few easy recipes for fire pits that will satisfy the taste buds.

Roasted Potatoes

Perhaps the simplest of all fire pit recipes, a nice roasted potato is a great place to start. The real trick here is to get the seasoning just right. Take one potato and dig about 1 inch cuts throughout so that it will roast evenly. Then, dice up an onion and place the pieces into the potato cuts. Finally, sprinkle a little dill and maybe even a few bacon bits and wrap it all in foil. Plop it among the coals, kick back for about 45 minutes and let the pit do its magic.


The shiskebab is a more active recipe than the roasted potato, but it’s a lot of fun. The ingredients necessary for this meal are beef cubes, cut into 1 inch pieces, a few small onions, some chopped peppers and a few cherry tomatoes. Then grab a skewer, slide them on and stick it over the fire. The cooking process lasts about 15-20 minutes, but it’s really up to the chef. Shishkebabs are a great way to actually see the open pit in action.


Smores are a campfire classic. What makes them so great is that they are not only easy, but they can really only be made with a pit and a fire. Similar to a shishkebab, a marshmallow is held over the flame, but only for a minute or two. Once is has really softened, take two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate and use them to pry the gooey marshmallow off the skewer. The result will be a dangerously delicious treat and one that will be hard to forget.

After trying out a few easy recipes for fire pits, anyone can get the hang of it. There are myriad ways to put these natural cookers to use. Pretty soon, what used to be average camping trips turn into exciting culinary adventures.


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