Exploring Lagos in Depth and Detail

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According to every destination of a tourist destination, Lagos stands as one of the finest tourist destinations of not only Nigeria or West Africa but the whole wide world. It might be fun to consult a tour operator, have an itinerary and go with the flow. However, on a foreign visit, self exploration is always far more educational, fruitful, and fun. Through flights to Lagos, some of the best discovered sights and sounds are presented below:

Lekki Conservation Park:

Lekki Conservation Park is situated on the Lekki Peninsula of Lagos. It is a fenced nature reserve and patrolled by security guards 24/7. The geography encompassed in this fenced area comprises swamp and savannah. It is this natural setting in which crocodiles, Mona monkeys, bushbucks, giant rats, Maxwell Duikers and many other big and small wild animals reside. Lekki Conservation Center is aimed at preserving all what nature has bestowed to this part of the world. A visit to the place provides with great knowledge and awareness regarding the region’s flora and fauna. Interacting with the wildlife makes the trip, exciting and endlessly fun.

The Beaches:

To enjoy the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos flights can be grabbed. Indeed, they are considered one of the best choices for this purpose. Lagos is home to a number of beaches, all set with a different mood and environment. Some of the beaches are recommended for lazing out and sunbathing while others, with a more private ambiance, are a good choice for honeymooners to spend some time on. Tarkwa Bay, Lighthouse Beach, Lagos Bar Beach and Eleko Beach are some of the most popular beaches of Lagos. Badagry Beach has especially been set for tourists where there are a number of restaurants, many water sports facilities and an amusement park.


All the credit goes to the lively residents of Lagos that the city has such a vibrant, energetic and flamboyant nightlife. As the sun goes down and the green grasses of Lagos stop radiating over, the locals turn out in great numbers to rock the night out with dance, music and a lot more! Dance clubs, casinos, bars and restaurants in the city are innumerable and all of them remain open the whole night and up till early hours of the morning. People can enjoy dancing, singing, eating and listening to music, drinking or even getting laid. The city has it all and it is up to the tourists how they wish to enjoy.

A Boat Ride:

Lying right beside the ocean, Lagos offers some exotic boat rides. Taking rides out into the Atlantic waters, one can reach to some extremely picturesque islands of Lagos and check out tranquil beaches. For explorations outside the mainland, these boat rides work wonders.

Synagogue Church:

Indeed, this is the most remarkable place in the city. It is popular for healing up people with diseases that were considered fatal by the doctors. An HIV positive Batswana woman recovered and was tested HIV negative after being prayer for, at this church. A hopeless boy suffering last stages of bone cancer perfectly healed up within 6 days of visiting Synagogue Church. The stories go on and can be discovered by the tourists themselves.

A visit to this part of Nigeria can be fun anyway but pretty mind blowing if it is not visited in a typically touristic manner and explored as deep as possible. Discerned travelers can get themselves, cheap flights to Lagos and set out on a mesmerizing excursion of the city.


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