Feed Your Dog With Healthy Dog Food Recipes

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Feeding your dog with Healthy Dog Food Recipes is something that every dog owner should seriously think about doing. I see my dog as one of my best friends, he’s a loyal companion that will never let me down. I’m sure most of you feel the same way about your dogs too. I’d never really thought about Healthy Dog Food Recipes before, I mean, I’ve had dogs since being a child and commercial dog foods were the norm.. Not so

Not too long ago I read something that was quite shocking, I found out that commercial dog food is actually bad for our dogs. Not only that, I also found out after a little research that most commercial dog foods contain at least six deadly chemicals.

These chemicals have been banned from human foods because of what they cause:

Kidney cancer

Bladder cancer

Stomach cancer


Liver dysfunction

Major organ failure

Immune system collapse

Chronic Diarrhea

Hair Loss

And the list continues on down with many more of these nasty illnesses, it’s not a very nice thought at all.

I have read articles written by doctors; which explain that by changing your dogs diet from commercial dog food to Healthy Dog Food Recipes, you can amazingly increase a dogs life by up to 134% which would mean that your dog can be with you for up to an extra 8.3 years. I’m sure that having man’s best friend around for all that extra time appeals to just about every dog owner, it certainly does to me.


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