Finding a Good Place to Stay in Bali

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The nuance of a tropical paradise is the first impression that may come to your mind when you think about Bali. The ambience of paradise is always felt whenever you spend your time enjoying various exciting activities on this island. Indonesians attest to the beauty of this island by calling it the Island of the Gods. Bali is the most beautiful Indonesian island and province where a number of tourist sites with awesome scenic beauty and a rich cultural heritage can be found. This destination is favored by visitors from all over the world because of its natural beauty and its year-round cultural festivity. Bali is situated a little bit south of the equator and boasts many lovely white sandy beaches that are warmed by the tropical sun and cooled by soft and soothing breezes.

There are a number of beaches in Bali that you can visit including Sanur Beach, which is celebrated as a famous surfing and snorkeling site; Nusa Dua Beach, whose seashore is adorned with beautiful limestone rocks; Tanah Lot, in which you can find a magnificent Hindu temple built on a huge rock outcrop overlooking the sea; and Kuta Beach, the most prominent seashore in Bali, where tourists can spend their leisure time doing sunbathing, swimming, surfing and other exciting water activities and pastimes. There are also several small beaches that are worth visiting such as Blue Ocean Beach near Seminyak, Dreamland Beach, which is located on the Bukit Peninsula, Padang-Padang Beach, and Blue Point Beach near Uluwatu. People who visit Bali will feel a comforting and exhilarating experience that they will never forget as long as they will live.

The most important thing that you need to prepare when you visit Bali is to secure your accommodations. If you only stay in Bali for a couple of days, spending your nights at one of the many hotels in Bali may be a good decision. However, if you decide to spend more time on the island and want more comfortable accommodations, choosing to stay in a villa is an excellent decision. There are many obvious reasons why staying in a villa is preferable to staying in a hotel for longer stays in Bali. The main reason is because a villa offers much greater convenience. A villa that becomes your temporary home away from home is usually equipped with all home-like amenities such as complete furnishings, bedrooms, a kitchen, toilet, etc. so you will have your basic living necessities conveniently at hand. Additional facilities that you can have when you stay in a villa include a private pool and a full support staff.

There are a number of beautiful villas in Bali that you can rent for your temporary lodging. However, deciding on a villa to rent for the most enjoyable accommodation really needs careful consideration. Since the reason you visit Bali is to enjoy your vacation, you should ensure that the villa that you are going to rent is situated close to popular tourist and amusement centers. Consider choosing a villa with good transportation access to enable you to reach it easily and conveniently. If you want to rent a villa with both beneficial features, consider choosing one that is located near Seminyak. Seminyak is located a little to the north from Kuta and Legian and can be accessed directly from the Bali International Airport by taxi for a fixed fare of about $7. Seminyak is a village that combines traditional and modern lifestyles that are casual. Shopping centers, high-end restaurants and cafés, art galleries, the Blue Ocean Beach, and various relaxation facilities are nearby so you can easily get to these leisure activities.

Several elite restaurants can be found in Seminyak, including The Livingroom in which a modern French menu influenced by Asian flavors is presented; Sarong, a stylish and spacious elite restaurant; Ku De Ta, a combination of restaurant, bar and place of entertainment; Hu’u Bar, which has a most unique menu; Cocoon, a jet-setters’ restaurant that offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine; and Potato Beach for people who love eating while enjoying the scenery of the beach. Seminyak is also dubbed as the land of villas where a number of fully furnished villas with private pools, full staff and even a private chef are available, all within walking distance of the beach and other leisure facilities. A number of recommended villas in Seminyak that you can rent include the Villa Lucia with its traditional Javanese atmosphere, Villa Pablo, which is located in the center of the fashionable area of Seminyak, Vila Asta, a luxurious and peaceful 5-bedroom residence, as well as many other villas that are listed in the local travel guides. Excellent access to transportation and the recreation venues nearby makes Seminyak the best place to stay during your holiday visit to Bali.


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