Floating Hotel in Kolkata

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What fascinates you the most, sailing on the river, staring at the waves coming up and down for hours, or looking at the spectacular view of the sunset. It’s all there at Floatel, a floating hotel in Kolkata.

Reveal the true magic of river Hooghly, on your stay at the luxury hotel at Floatel. It is the true destination for the heart and soul.

The four storied Floatel is a designer hotel. And all the furniture and almost all the equipment in the hotel have been designed according the international standards. It is somewhat 180 feet long and 50 ft wide. The hotel offers you the air condition rooms and the suites. In addition to this there are open roof terraces and decks that are basically meant for the party purpose and the meetings. Travelers can experience the spectacular and exotic view of the Howrah Bridge from the deck without being intrusive.

What amazes you the most is its entrance. You have to cross the Circular Railway’s tracks to enter the lobby cum reception, that are situated on the land. As soon as you look beyond, the fine structure built in white with the river at its base, can leave you spellbound for a minute. Floatel is the urban luxury resort with all the top class luxuries

The credit of designing this master piece goes to the Manab Pal, a naval architect and the the managing director of the Manor Floatel. He is the one to be admired for keeping the city like Kolkata on the same parameter, as the Moscow, St Peterberg, Vienna, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Hong Kong . It is interestingly build in between the two famous bridge of Kolkata – Howrah and the Hooghly bridge.

Based on the unique concept, Floatel mean partying on water. You can choose from the rooms facing the east known as the sunrise rooms and from the rooms facing the west known as sunset rooms. Apart from that there are luxury deluxe suites from where you can the finest river view. What makes it even more pleasing are the large colorful paintings hung across the passage and the banquet halls that truly depict the Kolkata maritime charm.

The restaurants are located on the top floor. There is a 24 hour multi cuisine coffee shop (The Bridge), and a restaurant (The Compass Room). Just think about having a candle light dinner under the dim moonlight while sailing on the river. The hotel is constructed keeping in view the ecological prospect. The waste of the hotel is carried by the pipes and discharge into the land based sewerage system. It can be well called as the ecotel.


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