Food Storage Recipes: Powdered Milk Smoothies

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I always see these little smoothie kits at Costco that I am TOTALLY tempted to buy. Who wouldn’t want to have easy, healthy, ready-to-blend smoothies sitting there just waiting to be eaten? The problem is they are so expensive I can never justify buying them. My sister-in-law clued me in to this system she has been using to make her own homemade smoothie kits and the best part is they use powdered milk so they are perfect for rotating through my food storage supply of milk.

Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies

Serving Size: 2 large glasses

Prep Time: 5 minutes (if you make a bunch of baggies ahead of time)


3/4 cup of frozen strawberries

1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

1/2 cup of frozen peaches or raspberries

1 cup of powdered milk prepared*

5 ice cubes of fat-free strawberry yogurt (or any other kind)

Sugar or other sweetener to taste

*instead of water for the liquid part of the milk, you can use juice for the flavor and sweetness, and the powder to make it creamy!


Pour milk into blender

Add fruit, blend

Add yogurt cubes, blend

Add sugar, blend

Eat with a spoon, or drink with a straw

Directions to prepare a bunch of smoothies for the go ahead of time:

Buy 8-10 ziploc baggies

Buy bags of your favorite frozen fruits (I did 2 strawberry, 1 peach, 1 blueberry)

Divide up your fruit into the baggies

Divide a large container of yogurt into ice cube containers and freeze

Once frozen place 5 yogurt cubes into each ziploc bag

Put bags into the freezer and use them up as you wish, all you’ll need to add is the milk and sugar.

By having all of these smoothie packets available in my freezer I have a ready-made, simple, healthy, and delicious meal or snack on hand at all times. My family loves these smoothies and I can feel good about them eating them, knowing exactly what’s inside. And the best part is, I no longer have to worry about using up the powdered milk from my food storage before it expires. I can always fall back on my trusted smoothies even if I don’t do enough other baking to use up the rest. Having a husband who refuses to drink regular powdered milk makes it pretty difficult to find ways to sneak it into my cooking, but the smoothie trick works great!


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