Free Soul Food Recipe Sites Offering Healthier Choices

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Free soul food recipe books and sites have had a reputation for having tasty foods, but unhealthy ingredients. The recipes often contained large amounts of salt, oil, sugar and other artery clogging ingredients. To meet the growing demand for healthier choices, more recipe sites are offering healthier alternatives. Menus containing less salt, oils, creams, butter and other artery clogging ingredients continue to grow to fight diet related ailments.

High blood pressure, diabetes, gout, circulation ailments and obesity are a few of the problems traced to an over consumption of soul food. Now more free soul food recipe sites have healthier menu ingredients included in their recipes. In addition, healthier cooking techniques helps to reduce the negative risk associated with the southern dishes. For example, pan frying instead of deep fat frying, steaming instead of boiling vegetables to preserve more vitamins and nutrients.

The healthier menus also offer baking alternatives instead of frying in oils or worse, such as animal fats or lard. Many recipes suggest using smoked turkey instead of the traditional fat back or ham hock in collard greens, black-eyed peas or pinto beans, for example. Many websites also offer healthier seasoning choices. While most traditional soul food recipes call for the use of salt and pork, said to encourage high blood pressure and diabetes, more sites are finding other alternatives. For example, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and other natural herbs, spices and flavorings.

This trend will continue as more people seek healthier eating choices. Yes, today’s soul food  recipes can still have the taste and ‘comfort feeling” traditions of the past without the added health risk. More websites continue to evolve to meet the growing demand of a health conscious consumer. Now you know!


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