Free Soul Food Recipe Update – Southern Fried Cabbage

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Southern fried cabbage continues to grow in popularity among my thousands of readers. Food lovers who visit my many free soul food recipe sites continue to make the fried cabbage recipe page the most visited page for 6 months running now. I continue to scratch my head as people click past the fried chicken, collard greens and even candied yam pages. I got tired of guessing why people love cabbage with a growing passion so I decided to do an informal poll of my visitors. Here’s so of the reasons they gave for turning on to fried cabbage I hadn’t noticed. Some of the reasons I lightly expected and other reasons totally surprised me.

Here’s the replies I received to the question why is fried cabbage now one of your favorite soul food vegetables. Here’s a breakdown of the reason given.

1. It taste good.

2. It’s easy to prepare.

3. It’s quick and easy. (Under 5 minutes)

4. It’s healthy.

5. Cabbage is cheap according to price per lb.

6. It goes with any meat.

7. It’s a good vegetarian choice

8. It’s light, doesn’t weigh you down.

9. It’s satisfying or filling.

10. Its easier to clean and prepare than other soul food vegetables. For example, collard greans or black eye peas.

These were the top ten reasons my readers gave for favoring southern fried cabbage. Perhaps some of the reasons surprised you, especially if you’ve never tried it. I have to admit many of the answers gave me a reason to start eating it more, especially because of the low cost per pound compared to other popular veggies. Add the health benefits and I couldn’t help to vote for this  fried cabbage recipe. See resource box below on where to get this mouth watering fried cabbage recipe.


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