Great Places to Walk in Tampa

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Tampa has some interesting history with Ybor City. While walking around this beautiful and quaint part of town check out the Ybor City Museum. Ybor City was once an old factory town. There is a guided tour that visitors can catch that will shed light on the interesting history of being a cigar factory town filled with social clubs and residents hanging out of their shotgun style houses. This makes for some really great stories of good times and hard times. The museum itself is located in the old Ferlita Bakery building, a Mediterranean style garden and an old replica of a cigar worker’s house. There are many special exhibits that focus on many of the immigrants that came to live and work in this area.

If you visit in November you could see the Annual Cigar Heritage Festival and see if anyone can break the record for the longest cigar. Right now it stands at 196.3 feet long. As one gets out and walks around the town it is clear to see that many of the early buildings are still there and have been renovated to wonderful condition. There is also a streetcar that runs through the area and adding even more charm to the cobble stone and brick sidewalks and streets.

Ybor City is a National Historic Landmark District because of the salvaging the city took in its rebuilding phase. 7th Avenue has been considered one of the top ten greatest streets in America at least to the American Planning Association. This town has had its years of real diversity since it began. Many of the immigrants who lived here were from Spain, Italy and Cuba. For fifty years they worked and played in this town until after WWII as the industry changed and the city emptied out. It stayed empty for about 20 years until it became a poplar place for nightlife and learning.

If one sticks around into the night, the city lights up into a different experience. The martini bars and dance clubs start to boom. The live entertainment plugs in and empties its energy out into the streets. The smell of some great foods become the aroma and the people are walking around with smiles and laughter. Since the place is packed at night there are also plenty of place to eat at after hours restaurants. This could be a day into all night destination trip filled with great experiences and interesting history lessons.


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