Hawaiian Luau Recipes For A Tropical Party

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To add island flare to a party individuals might consider using Hawaiian luau recipes. There are many different options that one can choose, all of which will help guests to feel that they are part of the islands. Adding festive decorations will help to contribute to the theme. Hawaiian luau menu items are a great way to add festivity to a party that is designed to elicit relaxation and help guests to feel that they are part of the islands. This unique idea offers many different food choices to enjoy.


Beginning with appetizers is a perfect way to set the tone of the afternoon or evening. Some ideas for finger food are mini pineapple, ham and sweet pepper kabobs. Because the islands offer sweet fruit, creating a fruit salad or decorating the tables with pineapples is an option.


Japanese breading called Panko is a common baking essential. Baking boneless, skinless chicken bread that has been dipped in egg yolk and panko will make for a juicy, delicious main course meal. Serving alongside boiled shrimp will create a complete meal. An individual should avoid frying any food, and instead should opt for baking or grilling.


Dipping frozen bananas in chocolate syrup will add a sweet treat for a dessert option. One may choose to roll the fruit in chopped nuts for a bit more texture. For a more traditional dessert recipe a person may choose to enjoy a sweet pudding made with tara root called poi. However, for an individual who does not have access to this root they can make this dessert by using vanilla pudding and purple food dye.


When considering beverages individuals may consider keeping fruit as a consistent theme. Serving smoothies made with strawberries or bananas can be a good option. Coconut water is a common drink on the islands. Serving this in a hallowed-out coconut will add authenticity to the beverage. Topping drinks with a festive mini umbrella will add charm.

There are may Hawaiian luau recipes that a person can choose when hosting an island-themed event. Using sweet fruits woven into the appetizers, main dish, dessert and drinks will help to keep the event authentic. Fruit is a common theme and meals should be baked or grilled instead of fried. Making sure that the ambiance is relaxing will add to the traditional charm of the party.

You will want to take some time to do some research about the traditions of the islands to make sure that what they are serving is authentic. Creating festive centerpieces and a relaxed ambiance will help aid the theme.


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