Homemade Dog Food Recipe

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Most dog owners, especially those who are breed-raisers, settle for the homemade type of dog food for a lot of reasons. First reason, homemade dog foods are less expensive and are more convenient. Second reason, they are easy to be made just by mixing or combining tasty meats and rice. Third reason, they may take some time to be prepared but dogs help so much when we have lots of food left-overs. Last but the most important reason is that homemade dog foods are a lot healthier than the commercial dog food. In addition to that, we are less likely to bring them to veterinary clinics for disease check-up or poisoning because we are really concerned for their health.

A lot of cases have already been reported because of food poisoning from the commercial types. They are highly considered to be very harmful because they are not famous to contain a lot of minerals and nutrients to maintain the everyday metabolism. What we do not know much about these kinds of dog food is that its long term effect is extremely disastrous. Monstrous and outrageous kinds of dogs can be expected. They can also be hypersensitive too to their surrounding environment which can largely alter their behavior programmed for destruction. If these things happen then we are producing the new generation of mans best “enemies” already. Is this what we want to happen in the near future? Then let us help promote the use of homemade dog food in every community in every household. It does not only help save a lot of money and time but also we are also saving the lives and well-beings of our dogs. They are not to be treated as merely animals that need less attention. They should be treated as one of our own with utmost love, care and attention.


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