Homemade Dog Food Recipes – A Simple Solution to Help Your Dog Live Longer!

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If you are like me you only want the absolute best for your dog. We have all heard about how unhealthy the commercial dog food is that you buy today. The best solution is to find Homemade Dog Food Recipes. In just a moment you will find out the reason why.

The food your dog eats could be taking literally years off his life. It is unbelievable the amount of toxins and other unhealthy ingredients that make up the majority of the food. Most of the manufacturers are more concerned with making money then they are with of the health of your dog.

There is no pleasant way to put this. It is a good chance that the “meat” in many food for dogs has been acquired from zoos, road kill collection and animal shelters. These animals have been dead, euthanized, sick and diseased. How can this be allowed?

The animals used are not healthy and contain the very sickness and disease that ended their life. In addition, do you think that the very drug used to euthanize particular animals is removed from the animal before used as food? There is no way that this can be of any benefit to your beloved dog.

Your dog’s health and length of his life, like we humans, is directly linked to his diet. What are you feeding your dog? Do you even know for sure? There is no sure way to find out.

There is however information that you can find that will narrow down what companies do care. There are a few manufacturers of dog food that do use more healthy ingredients in their particular food. The choices are limited though.

Just realize that when you go to the store and buy a big bag of dog food, you are probably putting your dog at risk for many health concerns. Cancer, diabetes, hair loss and many other illnesses have all been linked to dog foods. Mood changes and a shorter lifespan are common complaints also associated with commercial dog foods.

We want our animals to live long healthy lives! Everything your dog eats needs to be nutritious and good for him. To be fully certain, I like a lot of people have turned to homemade dog food recipes. There are easy recipes you can use to feed your dog a healthy diet. Preparing the food yourself will give you the assurance that the food is healthy and good for him.


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