Homemade Dog Food Recipes – Healthy Food Equals Healthy Dog

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Ever thought about getting your own homemade dog food recipes? Well join the queue; there are many reasons why you would want to opt for your own homemade food rather that opting for the commercial over the counter dog food In today’s world, dog owners are becoming more and more conscious about what is being fed to their dog and the negative effects that some commercial dog can have on your dog Many dog owners are now taking the responsibility on their own shoulders and opting to find homemade dog recipes so they know for sure what is being fed to their dogs.

The reasons why you should do this are numerous of course, the main one however is that you can ensure that the finest ingredients are being fed to your dog after all it is a member of your family isn’t it? Another great thing about homemade dog food is that you can actually tailor the dog food to your dogs needs. An example would be with puppies, they would not be able to digest the food that an older dog would and therefore you can tailor make its dog food by adding more protein in the form of whey proteins with some carbohydrates and some easily digestible chicken meat, this would be a perfect balance for your growing puppy. On the other hand you would not want to feed that to your 10 year old dog you would opt to include carbohydrate rich food with more meaty chunks and perhaps even some added calcium to help with their aging bones.

Preparing homemade dog food recipes, like those found on sites like https://www.puppywire.com/ is a very good idea especially in light after recent tainted dog food which poisoned a lot of dogs. While manufacturers claim to stick to regulations it’s thought that a lot of these manufactures become quite lax simply because they are not dealing food made for humans but the reality is that they should treat the manufacture of the dog food as if it was for humans. Most of the commercial dog foods are known to include high levels of colorants and preservatives which can be bad for you dog for many reasons. That is why it is a good idea to look for homemade dog food recipes.

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