Homemade Dog Food Recipes – How Home Cooking Can Benefit Your Dog

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You surely prefer to have a home cooked meal made with fresh ingredients rather than a burger from the fast food restaurant next door. The same is equally true for your dog. Your furry friends loves to eat fresh and health food that has been cooked on the spot. You can readily find a lot of homemade dog food recipes that can be prepared easily and quickly. These meals are times batter than the canned ones. They are extremely beneficial for your pet in a number of ways.

Next time you buy canned or packed dog food you should check the best before date. It is surely at least a couple of months ahead of the time in which you purchase the product. In order for the ingredients to be preserved for that long the food should contain all sorts of additives. These are not as harmless as you might think. It is true that these chemical compounds cannot affect your dog’s health now, but as they pile up in its bodily organs they can become dangerous. There is now such risk if you use homemade dog food recipes to prepare meals for your pet. Quite the opposite, you can use all sorts of healthy and organic ingredients.

Another problem with the ready products available on the market is that they usually contain soy, grains and even corn. These ingredients are not good for your furry friend. They can cause allergies and digestive tract problems. These are also responsible for the formation of teeth calculus, which is extremely harmful for dogs. Your pooch will not have these problems when you prepare food that does not contain such ingredients. It will be healthy and happy as long as you use some simple homemade dog food recipes to prepare nutritional meals full of proteins, vitamins and minerals.


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