Hospitality Recruitment Agencies

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For those who are not familiar with the industry, hospitality is the general name for service-oriented businesses like hotels, spas, catering companies, and bars. Basically, the hospitality industry is any business in which the customer comes to the company in search of a service as opposed to a product. While the name “recruitment” agency might sound as if the agency is going out and actively looking for potential talent in these areas, it is more common for those who have the skills required by the various industries to contact the agencies in search of employment.

These agencies play a large role in the quality of the services we all enjoy when we frequent the above listed businesses. The agencies help ensure that the applicants for a specific job are well suited for both the work, from a skills standpoint, but also test potential applicants to make sure they have the proper personality for the service or hospitality industry.

A restaurant or hotel looking for a qualified chef may contact a hospitality recruitment agency asking them for help with chef recruitment. The agency will have a list of potential employees to go through in order to find the best possible match for the searching business. The agency will have already thoroughly tested each possible applicant in various areas to ensure that they will be able to meet the requirements of the industry in which they hope to work. They will also have developed a candidate profile that will help them find the best candidate for each position available. A good chef for a restaurant will be one that has the technical skills necessary to prepare wonderful meals, but also will possess the ability to run the kitchen and the other employees in the kitchen on a day to day basis.

A personal chef position will not require that the chef be able to manage other employees, but rather be able to engage the clientele in polite and interesting conversation as well as preparing high quality meals. The requirements for each specific position are different and the hospitality recruitment agency will be able to place the right person with the right company for the best possible fit of the specific position that needs filled.

The same type of requirements can hold true for a business needing help with catering recruitment. Catering is more akin to being a head chef in a restaurant, but there are other factors that need to be considered as well. In addition, in catering recruitment, more than just a chef can be found. Servers are in high demand for many catering companies.

Hotel recruitment is likely one of the most common aspects of hospitality recruitment agencies. Whether it is housekeepers, front desk or concierge personnel, or facility maintenance personnel, there are skills that one must possess in order to be a true asset to the corporation. The hospitality recruitment agency acts as a needed filter in an industry where it is very important the each employee properly represent the company for which he or she works.


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