How Does One Define a "Prime Location?"

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A prime location is quite simply a position that is first in excellence, quality and value. Every astute property buyer is aware that the key to a great property investment is location, location, location.

There are the obvious prime locations – Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard springs to mind. It offers unsurpassed views of both mountain and sea, access to a number of leading beaches and top area-specific schools, but is close enough to the central business district to make commuting to work a pleasure rather than a daily trial.

Fortunately the definition of prime location differs from person to person otherwise we would all be living in one cramped neighbourhood fighting over the limited resources.

What may seem critical to one buyer, proximity to friends and family for instance, may not even be another’s consideration, so at the end of the day your version of a prime location may be very different to mine.

There are several elements that help define your prime location and these are

o Daily commuting distance to work

o Accessibility to restaurants, pubs and other entertainment

o Proximity to the best primary and secondary schools as well as proximity to leading tertiary institutions

o Access to major transport hubs

o Low crime rates

o Good neighbours

It is important to prioritise these factors to assist you in your search for the perfect location for your dream home.

Take Llandudno property in Cape Town for instance. This sought-after location is clearly ‘prime’ for many and the prices and demand for Llandudno real estate reflect this sentiment.

Llandudno is effectively a beach suburb offering a quality of life like no other but all-important commercial activities and entertainment demands are met in Hout Bay, only a short 5-minute drive away.

There is a primary school on site and leading secondary schools are only minutes away by car, so the proximity to reputable education can be ticked off as well. With only a single access road, crime can be managed in Llandudno pretty effectively and with no shops in the area it is unlikely that hordes of strangers would flood the neighbourhood – yet another positive sign.

Hout Bay real estate has also become a firm favourite in recent years, particularly with growing families. It too is considered a prime location for property in the Cape and estate agents in Cape Town have had a bumper season with sales in Hout Bay over the past decade or so.

It really is a ‘world in one’ with quality schools, medical clinics, a working harbour, a 4-star hotel and a range of popular entertainment venues, yet it is still only 15 minutes to the CBD. It also has an array of shopping choices and there is a dedicated taxi service to ferry locals and visitors around – quite clearly another of the Cape’s prime property locations.


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