How To Make Your Own Delicious Crohn’s Recipes

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If you’re struggling with painful and embarrassing crohn’s symptoms then why not try devising your own delicious crohn’s recipes? The idea behind this is because for some sufferers a change in diet can help with some of the more troubling symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

Though there is nothing a diet can do for the inflammation, you can try to avoid foods that will aggravate the situation. If you are bothered daily by cramps and repeat visits to the bathroom it certainly couldn’t hurt to try something new.

The only problem, and it can be a big one, with following a crohn’s diet is it can be very limiting, but with a little practice, you can come up with some great meals that won’t make you feel like you have given up all of your favorite foods.

One of the diets of choice at the moment is the Specific Carb Diet, which crohn’s sufferers follow when they want help with their food intake. This diet eliminates many foods like grains, oats, fatty and deep fried foods, sugars, some vegetables, white rice, and many milk products. Once you remove those things, you aren’t left with much. That is why so many have a problem following the diet in the first place. It might seem a restrictive, and it is, but it might not be as bad as it appears to be. There are things you can have, and you should know that after about a year on the diet you may be able to add some things back in to your menu.

Your Crohn’s recipes should center around lean cuts of meats. You can choose from almost any cut of pork, chicken (skinless is best), and beef. What you have to watch out for are meats that have been processed or preserved in anyway. Preservatives show up in deli cuts, and in things like sausages and most hotdogs. You should avoid those and go with things you know have not been put through much before packaging. A good rule of thumb would be that you want the foods that might spoil the fastest, as these will be lacking the preservatives that give food extended shelf life.

You can also add fruits to your recipes, and this is one thing you will want to have to keep a bit of sweetness in your diet. Most sugars are not allowed, but fruits are naturally sweet. You may add honey to your fruit for an extra kick, or you can use it for accompaniments to foods. You should also have as much water as you can drink, and fresh, unsweetened fruit juices are good as well. If you are suffering from lactose intolerance, as a lot of Crohn’s patients do, milk is out of the question, along with many of the things made with milk. You can, however, have some aged cheeses for your dairy intake.

When you are planning your Crohn’s recipes, remember to cook with as little fat as possible, and to avoid deep frying. You should remember to eat smaller meals more frequently through the day. You can take any of the foods you can have and build your own unique collection of crohn’s recipes, or you can find some already written out for you. You may find the best ones are the ones you come up with on your own because you already know what you like and what you want to avoid.


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