Indian Chicken Curry Dishes

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Indian preparations are popular and highly enjoyed in almost all parts of the world. Among the most popular Indian recipes, chicken curry is one of several largely preferred across the globe. Classic Indian chicken curry is famous for its sharp taste and aromatic gravy. This is not just a restaurant preparation, but fondly eaten in all Indian meat-eater households in daily meal.

Indian style chicken curry is made with various styles including assorted regional food items. For all those who fancy to make the magic of this wonderful recipe in their own kitchen, this piece of writing would act as a guide, offering the classic approach of creating each variant together with the particulars of components incorporated.

Let’s discover with me the striking variety of chicken recipes from all over the India to recreate the charisma on your eating table!

Butter Chicken – This is a classic Punjabi panache curry made in a thick tomato based sauce. The curry is laden with butter and cream that delivers a velvety texture to the dish. Grilled chicken pieces are sautéed in the sauce and served hot with Indian roti or naan.

Chicken Chettinad – A South Indian chicken curry which is spiced with curry leaves, lemon juice and coconut powder. Several extra dry spices along with sliced tomatoes and onion are incorporated to make a thick curry. In lack of fresh curry leaves, dehydrated variety may be integrated. This chicken curry savors most excellent with coconut flavored rice.

Malvani chicken curry – It is a Maharastrian panache recipe that takes its classic essence from shredded coconut, green chilies and hot spice mix. Apart from these foodstuffs, onion, ginger-garlic and red chili powder are additionally integrated to give base to the curry. It is generally eaten with roti or cumin flavored rice.

Numerous additional preparations including Goan chicken curry, Mangalorean curry, yakhni chicken and cashew chicken are few of the supreme curry recipes for chicken.

At times, one can’t get all the fresh ingredients prescribed in the recipes. In that case dried types can be readily inculcated for example dried coconut, dried curry leaves, commercially prepared garam masala and dehydrated red chilies. Therefore go ahead, get hold of the foodstuffs and dish up a fine chicken curry!


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