Indore – City of Holkars

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Indore is the largest city and commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, also known as “City of Holkars”. It was built by a holkar, Rani Ahilya Bai, famous queens of India. A major trading centre, the city, has established itself as a strong industrial base. The era of liberalization has seen Indore at the forefront of a number of privatization initiatives. The country’s first toll road and private telephone network is established here. The city still manages to maintain its link with its glorious past. Indore is also called as ‘Mini Mumbai’, due to the similar lifestyles of people residing here.

Indore is located in the western region of Madhya Pradesh, and is close to the centre of India. Indore has an average elevation of 1 metre. It is located on an elevated plain, with the Yadri range to the south. Indore’s maximum width is increasing to Dewas on one side to Mhow on other side which is makes total distance of 65 km.

The city is well connected via Rail, Road and Air transport services. Indore has for a long time been a rail and road transportation hub. The major bus terminals are Sarwate bus terminal, Gangwal bus terminal, Navlakha bus stand & Jinsi bus stand.

Like all other large cities, Indore too has several shopping malls, movie cinemas, restaurants and hotels. The Trade and Commerce is mostly same in all seasons except a special hike in retailing during the Diwali and New Year season. Indore’s main trade is in clothing, Medicines and Educational services. Pithampur, Sanwer, Mhow, are industrial areas of Indore having more than 2000 factories in the city. Pithampur is also known as the Detroit of India.

Indore has many well-known institutions & serves as education hub of central India. The city is excellent in primary and secondary education too. Most of the schools in Indore include affiliation of Central Board of Secondary Education as well as I.C.S.E courses.

Indore city has a variety of cultures. Over the years the city of Indore has welcomed people from all castes, creed and colour. People from all corners of the country have migrated & settled in the heart of Madhya Pradesh for their livelihood, education or just for its peaceful culture. People here know to maintain harmony by intermixing and enjoying their life, irrespective of castes or region and by respecting every religion. Indore also has a INTACH (Indian National Trust For Art and Cultural Heritage) chapter, which is currently engaged in preserving, documenting and conserving the rich heritage of Indore.

Indore is famous for its culinary range and is known for its wide variety of “Namkeens”, Poha & Jalebi, Chaats (snacks), various types of restaurants, and Bengali & Rajasthani sweets, as well as dishes such as Bafle-Gosht – a delicacy of Indore and Malwa Region. Indore also holds the record for biggest tea party with over 30,000 people participating in an event organized by Dainik Bhaskar.


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