Lafayette Real Estate – Your Chateau Awaits!

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If you’re looking at the Lafayette real estate market in Louisiana, you’re looking into a very interesting area of the nation. Lafayette is an amalgamation of French, Spanish and Caribbean cultures, and thus is really the heart of Cajun Country. The diverse heritage has influenced every aspect of life, including architecture. From plantations and chateaus to vintage Acadian homes (and even authentic Cajun cabins from the 1800s!), Lafayette real estate is exciting to explore and live in.

The fourth largest city in the state, Lafayette is on the Vermilion River, with its dominant industries being tourism and petroleum and natural gas. If you like great food, Lafayette is definitely for you: it’s got the most restaurants for its size of any city in the nation. In fact, because of the number of visitors to the area, running a bed-and-breakfast or country inn out of your home is one business option that you may wish to look into. It can make the ownership of a spectacular piece of real estate a reality, and will rapidly introduce you to the various attractions of the city.

Look for an experienced real estate agent to give you some ideas on neighborhoods that would best suit your lifestyle. Whether you wish to reside in a family-friendly block with elementary schools within walking distance or a condominium in the downtown core, the agent can search multiple listings on your behalf and you can begin looking almost immediately. You may want to bone up on your high school French before you go!


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