Living In New York City – World Class Museums In Your Neighborhood

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While culture can be informally found on the streets of New York City, it can formally be found in the museums of New York City. All types of NYC museums can be found for people of all ages, with all interests and hobbies. There are museums for almost everything that you could imagine, including history, art, music, television, movies, sex, culture, and many others.

You can visit a world famous history museum, such as The Museum of Natural History and learn about all the different groups and cultures throughout time. While this museum is well known for its excellent dinosaur and outer space exhibits, you can also find fascinating exhibits displaying cultures of the past. The Museum of Natural History is located in the Upper West Side of NYC near central park. During a day at the museum, it is always nice to leave for lunch and take a walk through the neighborhood, eat at a local restaurant, or spend some time in the park.

Other world famous museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, can also be found in Manhattan. Both of these museums have world famous art displays. The Metropolitan Museum of Art also hosts events in the museum. For example, once a month the museum hosts an event that is only open to college students. They also hold a ball for students twice a year.

The American Museum of the Moving Image is another very popular New York museum. It is located in Astoria, Queens and it focuses on film, television, digital images and the affect that they’ve had on society and culture.

If you are with children, there are also plenty of museums that appeal to them too. Most museums have exhibits that children find entertaining, but there are also museums that are designed specifically for them in mind. There is the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, which has five floors of literature, science, media, and art exhibits designed just for children. Kids also tend to enjoy the zoos and aquariums that can be found throughout the city.

In addition to the world class historical and cultural museums that are located in the Big Apple, there are also lesser-known museums that are just as rich with culture and entertainment. Whatever type of museum you are looking to spend your day at, you will be able to find it in New York City. With all the museums located in the city to visit, it is just another benefit to living in Manhattan. All the culture, history, art, and entertainment are right at your doorstep.


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