Looking For Luxury Real Estate In A Warm Climate?

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If you’d like to have a little piece of paradise, where you can unwind and relax, then looking at luxury real estate in New Zealand is a good start. Of course in this beautiful country it can be difficult to find a particular region to start looking – there are so many options. However if you love a warmer climate, enjoy the casual atmosphere of an oceanside community and want to be close enough to “real life” if you need to, but far enough away to really get away, the Bay of Islands is the perfect location for you to start looking. Situated in Northland New Zealand, the Bay of Islands includes the regional towns of Paihia & Russell.

It’s one of the most stunning places you’ll ever experience. The charming towns are bustling with both locals and tourists, and the numbers passing through allow many high class restaurants, cafes and shops to operate, giving both the locals and tourists a great selection of retail and dining options.

That is far from the best feature however. Here, in this part of the world you can enjoy a lovely beachside lifestyle, with amazing views, plenty of opportunities to get out onto the water and discover all the life teeming underneath it. Luxury real estate in New Zealand doesn’t get much better than a place looking out across the water, or in walking distance to sparkling golden sands.

The climate is great for both families and those people wanting to perhaps either work from home, or to retire somewhere warm. This part of the country is known as the winterless north, and though it is also a place of warm and lush rains (which give it the lovely green, subtropical plants you’ll find everywhere) it’s warm and inviting. It’s a gardener’s paradise, and it’s easy to find fruit, vegetables and flowers grown in the area.

The whole area has a lot of historical significance for the country, both in terms of Maori and European history. There is plenty of special sites and places of interest you can visit, and you may find a few favourite place should you choose to settle in the area.

Luxury real estate in New Zealand is often tied to beachfront living or at least ocean views. Paihia and other parts of the Bay of Island are fantastic seaside towns to begin your real estate search in. You’ll be able to live a peaceful yet adventurous life, surrounded by natural beauty, friendly neighbours and a warm climate.


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