Luxury Hotels – Common Facilities

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When you move out of home for business or leisure or for attending a corporate meet, it is quite obvious that you book your stay in a hotel. If you are always pampered at home and stay amid luxury, you will opt staying in one of the finest 5 star hotels. What are the common facilities offered in 5 star hotels? Generally, common facilities include concierge services, outdoor pool, shopping complex in-house, restaurants, spa parlour, business centre, space for events & conferences, and the list goes on. At very counted few 5 star hotels, you may avail private air carrier services and golf playing conveniences.

Multi level car parking facilities, valet service and round the clock security monitoring are other common facilities offered. Grabbing a package stay will certainly help you save a lot on your pocket without compromising on the luxury aspect. And the earlier you book a room or rooms the greater will be the discount percentage besides getting a confirmed reservation. All 5 star hotels inclusive of New Delhi hotels, Mumbai hotels, and those of other cities facilitate online booking to the advantage of the guests. The online payment gateway is safe too. No matter where you are, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can get the hotel reservation done.

Mention about India cannot be complete without mention about New Delhi and Mumbai, the two principal metropolises, the capital of India and the financial capital of the country respectively. There is no dearth of Mumbai hotels and New Delhi hotels as well. You may consider booking your stay in one of the hotel chains that operates several hotels in different cities. You do gain a competitive advantage as a registered member. Besides getting reward points added, you will be entitled to discounts, and various other benefits. It is not only 5 star hotels but also budget hotels that are found in any city across the country; Mumbai hotels and New Delhi hotels are no exception. Visit the corporate site of such a hotel chain, join as a registered member, and start availing the benefits.


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