Michael Jackson and Bollywood

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Michael Jackson’s death has left a huge dent in Bollywood. The legendary king of Pop and a performer par excellence inspired numerous actors and musicians the world over, including Bollywood. Be it his trademark fashion sense, his groovy dance steps and his attitude-all of them caught the frenzy of Bollywood.

* People like Mithun Chakraborty and Govinda were the ‘desi Michael Jacksons’ in the early part of their careers thanks to their dance themed films which had moves that were lifted from MJ’s videos. Michael Jackson in a way, had contributed to the career graphs of many Bollywood actors who emulated his style and moves.

* Michael Jackson’s visit to Mumbai,in the year 1996 was met with a super reception. None of the international performer in India have been able to replicate and whip up the frenzy which Michael Jackson had created.

* Michael Jackson inspired Bollywood comedian Johnny Lever to create numerous parodies on the musical genius. In fact, Johnny Lever’s best act is a take off on ‘they don’t really care about us’ from MJ’s album-History

* The video ‘Thriller’ which has won numerous awards and is easily the best music video ever(without special effects, mind you) inspired quite a few horror scenes and horror sequences in films, both Bollywood and Hollywood. Thriller went on to become the biggest ever music album with records that cannot be surpassed.

* The song ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us” with its thumping beats and procession based video inspired numerous songs and videos in Indian films. For example, A.R.Rahman’s music and the video of ‘Maro Maro’ from the movie Boys (Telegu film) is a tribute to ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us”

* The song ‘In the Closet’ which is easily the sexiest song of Michael Jackson featuring Naomi Campbell was copied in the form of ‘Ding Dong Bole’ for a Tushar movie ‘kuch toh Hai’

* The song ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ was an absolute ‘tapori’ song that has been replicated in numerous Bollywood and South Indians songs with the same moves.

* Hrithik Roshan was the last big Bollywood star who had last met Michael Jackson. He had met him in the US while shooting for Kites. However Hrithik though mesmerized by MJ’s aura, could make out that the man was frail by ill-health


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