Nice Hotels – Justify the City’s Names

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One of the places in France about which almost everyone has heard of is Nice. It is one of the most common stuff on television and cinema. This city has witnessed the arrival of most of the rich and beautiful, the jet set from fifties and sixties and evergreen Hollywood actors in its development tenure. Despite the denial by many people, Nice is still one of the hottest destinations in France. Many stars own or have bought houses and villas along the coast. You must have heard of French Riviera (a popular coast line in Europe)-this lies within the area of Nice. You will not have any difficulty in searching for suitable accommodation for you. Nice hotels are aesthetically equipped with fabulous amenities and provide the visitors with excellent accommodation within budget.

Nice really justifies its name especially in the month of spring when the climate is mild. There are many more things to do and see. Great collection of museums in the city will leave you impressed with their rare stuff. Pebbly beaches also prove to be a satisfying spot for the visitors. This southern France area possesses some best respected museums. When you look at the facades sheltered by sienna-tiled roofs, they resemble 17th century Italian Genoese Palaces. You will find a maze of narrow streets in Old Town. This area features some most economical restaurants Nice. Some of the good hotels in Nice belong to this area. Some of the most prominent and worth visiting sites in Nice are:

Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas

This impressive church was built between in 1902 and 1912 and resembles early 17th century architecture. This multicolored church has got a great resemblance with St.-Basile in Moscow. Get inside to have a look on the frescoes and icons.

Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain

The stunning architecture of Marmac deserves great acclamation and possesses some fabulous Avante Garde arts.

Musée Matisse

The Matisse Museum boasts of some fantastic collection of arts, drawings, bronze sculptures, oil paintings and cut-out canvases.


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