Organic Dog Food is the Best

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What is Organic? Organic refers to food that has been produced on an organic farm without any use of synthetic chemicals, or GMO’s. Recent studies have proven conclusively that organic foods are higher in nutrient content than conventional foods, as well as being free of pesticide residues, additives and preservatives.

Since the advent of grocery store commercial dog food, there has been an explosion of pets dying from tumors, growths, cancers, and diseases that were unheard many years ago.

I truly believe this has been caused by the unhealthy chemicals, pesticides, hormones, fats and preservatives used to make this cereal based kibble palatable and long lived. Can you imagine eating a dry, cereal like, tasteless food every day, that in fact can sit on the shelf for years and not spoil. Obiously there are heavy duty chemicals and preservatives used to extend the shelf life. It’s like eating sawdust with a chemical enhanced flavor, to cover up all the harmful additives.

Changing to organic dog food, whether it is home made organic, with the same all natural ingredients you eat for supper, or buying the premium high grade organic dog food that has become increasingly popular, is the best you can do for your four legged companion. An organic dog food marked 95% organic meets the same guidelines as organic food produced for humans. The food won’t contain pesticides or antibiotics, and it’s preserved with natural substances like Vitamins C and E. Organically certified pet food is more costly, just as our own organic food is more expensive, but the advantages of superior pet health and helping our environment is worth it to most of us.

Organic dog food, or any organic food for that matter, must be labelled and certified organic, usually by the USDA, although some states have their own regulatory systems.

Foods with a lot of fillers are cheaper but less nutritious. Just as with human organic food, natural organic ingredients will go a long way toward giving your pet a long, healthy life.

Some of the benefits of switching to organic dog food are: Higher energy, more activity, stronger bones and teeth, and a beautiful healthy coat. – Helps prevent itching and irritating skin conditions, because organic dog food is free of artificial colors and flavor enhancers, chemical additives and toxic pesticides that could cause many of these skin allergies. In some cases completely eliminating these allergic skin reactions. – It is easier to maintain a healthier weight, because organic dog food is superior in nutritional value, and this prevents overeating in you dog as they are more satisfied eating smaller amounts. There are no bulk fillers in organic dog food. – Better overall health and a stronger immunity. Even if you dog seems healthy he/she can still benefit. An increased immune system will help prevent long term, costly illnesses and infections, that may require costly medical treatments. – Quality of life and longevity are increased by feeding organic dog food as opposed to the cereal filled cheap dog food.

Organic dog will be formulated with human grade meat, not ground bits and pieces of animals that are unfit for human consumption, or rancid road kill, as the cheaper store bought commercial food industry uses. Also you should find an organic dog food that boasts using no corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions, fillers or by-products.

Learn to decipher labels on commercial pet foods. They are purposefully deceiving us into buying low grade, unhealthy food all for profit, not for the health of our pet.

To buy organic dog food or to make home made organic dog food will guarantee what you pet is ingesting and give him/her a better chance at a healthy, longer, happier, more energetic life.


Source by Jane Dinunzio

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