Purchasing a Home in Chandler, AZ

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Chandler is located in the Maricopa County of Arizona. It is one of the most important suburban areas in the Phoenix, Arizona Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population of this city is around 240,595 according to statistics from 2006. Though the economic downturn has had an impact on the Chandler market, the demand for homes for sale in Chandler, Arizona is indicative of a market slowly gaining back its momentum. The most popular neighborhoods in Chandler, AZ include Fox Crossing, Island at Ocotillo, Cooper Commons, Sun Groves and Carino States. At present, homes in Island at Ocotillo are the most expensive ones in the city.

Chandler is often regarded as the east valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The ideal weather conditions, availability of amenities like shopping malls, restaurants, museums, theaters, and sporting arenas all make the city a favored destination amongst prospective real estate buyers. The availability of various facilities and business opportunities make the city a popular choice of real estate investors.

Chandler, AZ real estate has managed to weather the storm of the recession. This is apparent from the number of listings in the real estate inventory. The number of foreclosures also point towards the current state of the market. On an average, there are 1,781 properties up for sale in Chandler, Arizona. These include both new homes and properties for resale. There are 2,638 homes approximately that have found a place in the categories meant for foreclosure, pre-foreclosure and auctions. The price of houses for sale in Chandler, AZ was $313,343, a rise of 13.8% in comparison to the previous week. All these statistics bring a ray of hope for the real estate agents in the city after the clouds of recession have loomed large for quite a while now.

As per recent statistics, the average price of one square foot of area of homes for sale chandler is $102. The prices went down by 20.3% in comparison to what it was during this time of the year in 2008. The median sales price of Chandler, AZ new homes is $197,000. The median sales price was calculated on the basis of 1,593 sales of houses in houses Chandler, AZ. Last year, the median sales price touched an all time low at $31,500, a 13.8% decrease of what it was last year.

If you want to buy a home in Chandler AZ, then you need to contact the best real estate agents in the city. They can help you with your search for the perfect home. Be it a condo, a studio apartment, or a single family home, they will find the right one for you depending on your specifications and budget.


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