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Florida has long been one of the nation’s top tourist destinations, with so much to offer people of all ages and interests. The world-class theme parks, restaurants, beaches, shopping precincts, wildlife and landscapes are just some of the things that attract people to this eastern coast every year.

Even in today’s depressed economic climate home owners in Florida are doing better than those in many states. There will always be people who want to move there whether to retire or start a new life in the sunshine.

House sellers are doing well with their investments as long as they didn’t overpay in the bubble and aren’t overly leveraged. In some towns properties are being snatched off the market within weeks and sometimes even days. The tourism in the area plays an important part in the state’s success as many visitors fall in love with this unique region and buy second homes, retirement properties or relocate their whole families.

Florida is home to many famous areas including world renowned theme parks such as Universal Studios and Disney World. While these parks bring in many millions of tourists who have never been there before, residents can also enjoy these exciting areas often which are one of many perks of living in the region.

With miles of beautiful coastline and scenery, residents can take pleasure in a peaceful existence or an active sports life. Larger cities boast great restaurants, shopping areas and entertainment centers calling to metropolitan from all over the country.

Nature lovers flock over to see the range of wild birds and reptiles that inhabit the coast. With year round sunny weather and so many things on offer, it isn’t any wonder that people are opting to call Florida their home.


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