Reasons to Buy Real Estate in San Miguel De Allende

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There are many reasons that retirees and visitors choose to buy real estate in San Miguel de Allende Mexico. The price of land and homes is one of the top reasons that this town is a great retirement location to live in. Buying a home in San Miguel means only paying about twenty percent of what you would pay for comparable housing in the United States. This means that you can afford five times the house, or choose a more modest home and have plenty of savings left.

There are five different types of property in San Miguel, and these are classified as Federal, Restricted, Edijo, Unrestricted, and Historic. Federal land can not be owned by any individual, as it is government land, and this is land that spans from the high tide line to cover the entire beaches. No beach is privately owned. This means visitors and locals are free to take walks on any beach found. Property taxes in Mexico are much cheaper than they are in America, so the yearly cost of owning your home or property is a lot less.

Many people move to San Miguel to enjoy great weather all year long, with none of the problems and medical conditions caused by living in the cold weather. Beautiful cloudy blue skies and plenty of sunshine mean that you can enjoy the outdoors and amazing scenery almost every day of the year. The mountains in the background are great for hiking and exploring, and there is a wide variety of native plants, flowers, and animals to enjoy. Bird watching is a popular pastime, and reason that travelers visit the town from other places. Living in Mexico is not a complicated process, and if you buy unrestricted property there are no restrictions or limitations, unlike restricted property which must be held in a trust if the owner is not a Mexican national. San Miguel has a lot of beauty to offer, with fabulous sunsets that leave the sky dripping with vivid colors, beautiful sand beaches and ocean views, historic architecture that is amazing and exquisite and even quaint cobblestone streets.

There is so much to do in San Miguel that retirees will never get bored. There are many shops and boutiques to browse through, restaurants serving fine food and local cuisine, festivals that occur frequently through the year, horseback riding, walks along the beach, and just relaxing poolside. Domestic help is very inexpensive, and with the savings you will see in housing and living costs having a maid, a cook, or a gardener is very affordable. This gives retirees more time to enjoy all that San Miguel has to offer, and less time needed for ordinary house chores and maintenance. A couple can live very comfortably, including having a maid, for around thirteen hundred dollars a month, and buying a home in Mexico can solve the problem of a retirement income that does not allow comfortable living in the U.S. because of high costs.


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