Recipes for Hypothyroidism

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Hypothyroidism is the disease in which, the thyroid gland is less active and so produces less hormone called thyroxin. Thyroxin hormone is an important factor for body’s anabolism and catabolism combine known as metabolism. Metabolism regulates the body’s entire system and controls the repair, growth and protection of the body tissues/cells.

There are lot many reasons for developing hypothyroidism and once it attacks a person, it is then quite difficult to manage it fully unless you take regular pills. Patients with hypothyroidism often get confuse what to eat and what not to as they are given the list of ‘contraindicated’ foods in their diet by their dieticians and doctors.

It is not that a person with hypothyroidism will not have any recipes. Here are some of the recipes those are mouthwatering and still good for the diseased condition.

The Magic Pasta

Those who are pasta lovers, they can enjoy this dish with great pleasure. All you need is to follow the below method,


3 cloves of smashed and minced garlic 3 large ripe tomatoes Anchovy paste ¼ extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper (as per your requirement) Whole-wheat pasta Fresh chopped holy basil Little pecorino cheese Chili flakes


Make thick slice of tomatoes and put a small dab of anchovy paste on each slice. Top it up with a bit of garlic and pinch of salt and pepper. Now place in glass oven dish. Pour olive oil over the top and bake in 350-degree oven for about ½ hour. Cook pasta until al dente and drain it. Take off the tomato stuff and empty into the empty pot. Put pasta in and toss to coat and the dish is finished when you top the entire material with basil and little fresh pecorino cheese. For spice lovers, put a pinch of chili flakes for seasoning.

Scrumptious salad


1 tsp grated orange peel 2 oranges, peeled and well sliced (seedless) 20 oz unsweetened pineapple chunks ½ cup of sour cream (strictly fat-free) 1 tbsp brown sugar 1 grapefruit (peeled and sliced finely) ¼ tsp grated ginger 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg ¼ cup chopped and toasted pecans 6 cups of torn leaf lettuce Grilled chicken breast (chopped and optional) 2 tbsp milk (strictly fat free) 1 avocado (peeled and sliced)


Combine the oranges, pineapple, and grapefruit into a large bowl. Cover them all and place it into the refrigerator. In another bowl, take sour cream, milk, brown sugar, orange peel. Add ginger and nutmeg. Cover the entire mixture and place this too into the refrigerator.

Let them be in the condition for about one hour.

Divide lettuce and avocado that they can serve in six salads plates. Decorate fruit over the lettuce. Drizzle salad with dressings. You can simply sprinkle with nuts or for non-vegetarians add chicken to it.

These recipes are good to have, as they are rich in Vitamins and minerals that rejuvenate the body. However, it is always advisable for the patient with hypothyroidism to consult dietician before they jump into any newer dish.

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