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Santa Fe New Mexico is a destination full of history and culture and a location that has been included in the top 30 Best Towns in America. You will find Santa Fe has a unique feel and style all it’s own, and all the best hotels in this town reflect this unique style. The frontier town of Santa Fe was settled by Spanish colonists in the early 1600’s hence why this town has such a uniquely Spanish feel to it.

Luxury Hotels and Resort In Santa Fe

There are many world class luxury resorts and hotels in Santa Fe that cater to all budgets and tastes. These include hotels such as: Inn of the Anasazi, Inn and Spa at Loretto, Inn of the Five Graces and La Posada De Santa Fe Resort and Spa, plus any more. Most of these hotels offer relaxed atmospheres and resort style retreats with many including full service spa facilities and gourmet restaurant experiences to help you relax. The architecture of Santa Fe’s Luxury Hotels are influenced by the Spanish founders of the area and the town as a whole is unlike most popular gateway frontier towns in that has managed to keep virtually all of its character without losing too much to over commercialization.

Many Santa Fe Luxury Hotels such as these have been long established but in recent years renovated in a style that is sympathetic to the old traditional style architecture of the region, while adding the modern touches and finishes that today’s travelers demand in luxury hotels.

While most think of Santa Fe as being a warm and dry almost desert like edge town, it is also worth mentioning it is also the gateway to the great winter snow destinations of Taos and the Santa Fe Basin Ski Area, both of which have many luxury hotels in addition to those in the town of Santa Fe.


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