Should I Choose a Gated Community For My Next Home?

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Should you choose to live in a home with or without a gate guarding the entrances? This really depends on what your wants and needs are so consider all of the following information.

Are gated communities safer?

The pluses and minuses of living in gated communities vary depending on what you are looking for. The most common conception is that a gated community is safer for the homeowner. This can be somewhat true, but don’t think that it is impossible to get inside the gates without a code or special permission. Many times it is very easy to simply follow another car into the gated community.

Naturally, a gated community would be less likely to have unwanted vehicles and visitors, as it is more difficult to get in and out in a quick and unseen manner. Many gated communities also have guards and those communities are less likely to have access without permission. This makes these communities more attractive to many different buyers.

Also, the codes to enter are frequently given to landscapers, realtors, and various other workers that need access into the community. This being the case, always keeps in mind to lock your doors and not allow your children to answer the doors and allow strangers to come into your home.


Living in a gated community is especially desirable for retirees that may only live in the home for part of the year. They often feel more secure that they can simply lock the home up and leave for months at a time. Also, the amenities that come with a gated community are usually far greater than those without gates. Some of these amenities may contain, community pools, recreation rooms, restaurants, daily activities, libraries for checking out books and videos. Many of these things are convenient and keep the retirees or homeowners and children occupied without having to travel outside their own area. Getting to know your neighbors and other families or retirees in your community help bring a special bond with each other and can be especially desirable for a single retired person who may want entertainment and socializing.

Gated communities can also be a bit safer for children riding bikes or taking walks as there is generally less traffic and the traffic that does go into the area seem to be more cautious and drive slower.


Keep in mind; however, your HOA (Home Owners Association) dues are generally going to be higher as the upkeep of the extra amenities, not to mention the gates/guards need to be paid for by the homeowners themselves. If you choose to live inside a gated community, be sure and research all the dues and restrictions that come with this luxury.

The grounds of the community are usually very well manicured and can also maintain the value of your home.

Enjoy living in your gated community and use the amenities as you are paying for them. In Arizona, you can enjoy the outdoor activities the whole year since we have sunshine most everyday.


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