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Being one of the busiest ports/airports and the number one port for cruise ships in the world, Miami has millions of people passing through the city each year. With such a development of the city and so many tourists the hospitality business in Miami is has been experiencing a boom in the latest 10 years and continues to expand each year at a fast pace.

The offers regarding accommodation and dining are never ending, the city having something for everybody.

Experiencing the financial crisis which affected deeply the economy of many countries, having a steady, rewarding job these days it is a priority for many people.

Many hotels and resorts are always interested in hiring new staff to be part of their teams. The candidate for a position in the hotel must have certain skills: to be able to organize himself according to the time available, to be motivated, hard working, willing to please the guests and to provide the finest possible experience for them. As well, being part of the staff in a large hotel is requiring to have a positive attitude at all times towards guest, supervisors and colleagues and to be an active member of the team, ready to help and serve.

The job offers in a large hotel are various and numerous. Parking valets, porters, front desk receptionists, bartenders, bar waiters, buffet staff, restaurant waiters, room service staff, accommodation stewards, beauty and massage therapists, gym staff, gardeners, every single one of them is welcoming the guest with a smiling face and in a very friendly manner.

Finding a job in the hotel is not such a difficult task. Having previous experience and qualifications consists an advantage, but most of the hotels offer training on the job as well, as long as the employee it is striving to do his best to get the job done properly.

Most hotels are hiring by filling an online application form and passing the interviews which follows after the successful reviewing and selecting of the applicant or by posting the positions available in a local newspaper and meeting the applicants in person.

As well, there are many employment agencies that you can turn to in order to apply for the job, but most of them are charging certain fees for the service provided. The internet represents an excellent source to look for a job, being accessible and easy to update on a daily basis.

Working for an international hotel chain it is quite rewarding, offering so many benefits to the employees like: motivating salaries, flexible working hours, part time and full time jobs or contracts, availability of internships, medical insurance, vision and dental, paid vacations and holidays, retirement plan, complimentary or discount prices on meals, membership in the hotel chain giving you reduced room rates and discounts on different products and services and many other facilities to make the working environment pleasant and to take best care of the employees.

If you choose to work for only a season or you decide to make a career out of it, working for a big company it is always a good option, as they are able to offer the security of having a safe working place during these changing times and that is perhaps, of the utmost importance.


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