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Soul food recipes have a long history and tradition dating back to the Civil War era. It’s one of the most popular original American foods left. The food eaten by some of Americas most influential police, sports and entertainment figures continues to grow in popularity and influence.

This popular southern food continues to be featured not only in books, but in movies, music and television specials. Most think because the food is frequently eaten by African Americans that’s where most of the growth currently is. But that’s not an accurate assessment. Most of the influence and growth is coming from non-Africans of recent record.

Some of the more popular dishes of late is not only the traditional southern meals like fried chicken, ribs and gumbo. Now the fastest growing soul food recipes is fried cabbage, candied yams and southern peach cobbler. These recipes not only have proven tasty, but more important for today’s fast pace society and busy homemakers they’re quick and convenient to make.

Free soul food recipe sites continue to evolve to meet the needs of today’s consumers, who search for recipes that are satisfying and convenient. And due to economic conditions people search for more recipes that are economical and affordable and with ingredients that’s easily obtainable. In a video age more websites have included videos in their recipes making it easier for visitors to copy the vision of the experts. Watching someone prepare a dish makes it 30 -50%  easier to prepare according to teaching experts.

Food is still an important part of our society, we eat when we’re happy and sad, we eat when we celebrate and every special occasion possible. So, it’s easy to see why soul food recipes continue to grow in popularity and influence.


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