Soul Food Recipes – 5 Point Checklist For a Successful Dish

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Soul food recipes and the sites that host them has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Southern food has a long reputation of the ultimate comfort food. Some speculate the recession has caused a surge in more home cooking instead of eating out. Many people new to cooking by make many mistakes that result in a less than satisfactory result. The key to learning to cook more successful dishes is to learn how to read a recipe.

The advantages of using a recipe is the fact it saves you time, effort and cost. They’ve been tested by experts for taste and efficient preparation. It may surprise you the number of people who cook everyday but don’t know how to read a recipe. By following a few proven tips you’ll instantly improve your ability to cook a wider variety of dishes for your family. Learning how to read a recipe will instantly increase your cooking confidence.

The recipe is the first step of every good cook. Why? Because they instantly tell you what you need to buy, and how much for starters. The best way to learn how to read a recipe is to follow these initial steps.

As a starting point a soul food recipe should …

1. Be easy to read and understand when it comes to ingredients and cooking terms.

2. Have ingredients that are easy to find in your local area.

3. Inform you of how long it should take to prepare.

4. Let you know how many people the dish will serve. Note: The ideal amount to start with should be from 4-6 servings.

5. Be a dish you personally like. Why? Because you know what it should taste like.

Following this simple checklist is an excellent way to start on the road to reading and following soul food recipes. However, the most important tip is to have fun.


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