Soul Food Side Dishes – 3 Most Popular

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Free soul food recipe sites continue to grow in popularity. As a service to new cooks and recipe enthusiast here’s a collection of the most popular side dishes. Soul food recipes continue to grow in popularity as more people flock to preparing more meals at home instead of eating out. People have a history of gravitating to comfort foods in times of economic downturns. Free soul food recipe sites continue to blossom to meet the needs of this quietly growing demand. Here’s a list of the most popular side dishes of this historically popular southern cuisines. Try one today to get that southern comfort food feeling.

1. Black Eye Peas – This popular soul food legume originated on the continent of Africa, and came to southern states as early as the 1600’s. The black eye pea is still one of the most popular soul food side dishes. Many African American homes have a tradition of eating a meal of black eyed peas each New Years Day to bring good luck or blessings in the coming year. Black eyed peas is an excellent source of calcium, folate, vitamin A and fiber.

2. Collard Greens – This traditional southern dish, grown year around, has a reputation as one of the healthiest soul food menu items. Collard greens is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber. They also contain various nutrients containing anti-cancer ingredients. Southern cooks season collards with smoked meat or poultry for added flavor. The liquid resulting from the cooked collard greens, called potlikker, it moistens the dish when eating corn bread for added flavor. Traditionally collard greens are eaten a New Years to encourage wealth attraction in the coming year. Note how collard greens resemble folded money or greenbacks.

3. Hot Water Cornbread – This traditional southern bread is an excellent accompaniment to black eye peas and cornbread. This bread, cooked on the stovetop, goes back hundreds of years. This popular quick bread, cooked in an iron skillet for best results, remains a favorite soul food addition. The batter includes boiling water and self-rising cornmeal. To add to the firmness of the bread add a small amount of wheat flour. Next spoon batter in a skillet of hot oil and cook until golden brown on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside. A coating of melted butter completes the cooking process.

These are small samples of the 3 most popular soul food dishes. Take your pick or try them all when you need that southern comfort food feeling.


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