Taking a Girlfriends Getaway Trip? Check Out the Top 5 Weekend Destinations

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Life is hectic, let’s face it ladies, we need to get away from it all. We may not need a full week, although it would be nice, a lot of times a weekend for the girlfriends getaway trip will undoubtedly suffice. With so many destinations available, it probably will be hard to choose where to go. Here, I will help narrow down your decision.

New Orleans

The city of jazz, the home of Mardi Gras and the land of Creole food is what you will find in this soul filled city. The awesome jazz bands, the historic New Orleans Streetcar and stroll down the French Quarter awaits you.

Hilton Head, SC

Can you say golf retreat? Can you say shopping? How about relaxation? You have just described Hilton Head. Tons of luxurious vacation rentals where you ladies can sit back and just chill out. If you are into history, Hilton Head is filled with a lot of history attractions to enrich your learning.

Napa Valley

Why Napa Valley? Well that’s easy enough to answer! Wine not? Yes that was a pun intended. Napa Valley is the place to be. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and go on a wine tasting fest. You surely do not have to be a wine connoisseur. This requires no expertise whatsoever. You ladies can come with you wine tasting hat on (not figuratively speaking), and enjoy.

Las Vegas

Now remember, you have to go back home after your getaway. Promise me, after all of the fun that you will have, you ladies will not ‘mistakenly’ lose your tickets. Pinky swear? Okay good. Gambling is of course a major attraction in Vegas but there’s so much more. Get the royal treatment at their top-notched spas. Catch an early evening entertaining show or go on a shopping extravaganza. The strip in Vegas is always alive and a midnight stroll is not unheard of.

South Beach

Daytime, nighttime, whichever you ladies choose, activities and entertainment is at its peak in South Beach. Who said you have to go to the Caribbean to see palm trees? The clear blue waters of Miami are surely inviting and you ladies will it fun and relaxing. The art deco type landscape, the trendy restaurants and the hottest nightclubs…Whew, makes me want to start packing now. Okay, another pinky swear. When you send me a thank you card send me some photos for the site also.

These are five of the most popular weekend getaway spots. You can’t go wrong with choosing any one of these for the next girlfriends getaway trip.


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